By the side of the wide range of colors, the possibility of executing any model, and not at least the maximum impact, these types of advertisements also presents a number of benefits such as:


The intensity of light is higher than any other type of advertising

Low power-consumption (10W per linear meter of tube light)

The execution of the giant structures accessibles only of this technology

The possibility of modeling of these tubes after some strokes, that means the perfect guiding of light

The ability to achieve a wide range of advertisements both for interior and for exterior to noticeable temperature differences (as opposed to other types of advertising where using bulbs and classical neon lamps which are not guaranteed in the environments with high humidity or low temperatures)

The multiple command options: dynamic lights, games of light, alternating colors, stroboscopics effects, accessibles only to those cold filament tubes thanks to their ability to turn on and off instantaneously

The recharge ability unlike the ordinary neon tubes, which after the lifetime can not be used.