The technology of the cool neon filaments dominates the advertising market of the West, who are being used both at the exterior illuminated decorations and the interior decoration,in pubs, bars, clubs, TV studios, which can also be found at the festivals and the outdoor concerts.

Besides this type of advertising, Neon Product makes the other kind of illuminated: the light boxes of various designs and sizes, the billboards, the advertisements with dimensional letters made of sheet brass polished and lacquered or platinum lacquered or enameled galvanized stiplex modeled, all of these types can be equipped with the neon shaped, the fluorescent or halogen lamps, the Hg vapor lamps or Na, with the multiple location.

The advertisements are equipped with the electronic automatics with various programs and with automatically change of them, comprising the photocell for lighting company after dark and off her in the morning, thus eliminating the unnecessary daytime. The latest discoveries in the field have made possible the execution of the illuminated neon modeled, which have effect during the day, the advertisements produced by our company.